Adult ALS Manikin

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We have several ALS MegaCode trainers in stock. Among them are many Heartsim trainers as well as some manikins of the Laerdal Kelly serie. If we do not have the doll of your choice in stock, we can try to get it for you. The dolls differ partly substantially in the functionality. Therefore we ask you for as detailed information as possible, so that we can send you a detailed offer.


These are adult resuscitation dummy´s. Moost manikins can be intubated.

The following variations are available:

  • without electronics
  • with ECG simulator
  • with infusion arm
  • with arm for blood pressure
  • with possibility of thorax puncture
  • with I.O. leg
  • with different trauma modules
  • with maintenance module
  • genital
  • with control unit and remote control

We have the following fabrications in stock or can procure them for you promptly:

  • Laerdal
  • MPL (Dräger)

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